Altavista Has The Largest Multimedia Index

AltaVista has launched a bigger version of its multimedia index, that includes images, video clips, MP3 and other audio files. The size of this index is more than 240 million unique files.

Fred Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer, AltaVista, said there is an increased demand of multimedia, and the multimedia index was expanded to meet this growing demand. The expanded index helps to go much beyond the traditional boundaries of web-page search by incorporating richer multimedia options such as SEM and SEO.

AltaVista’s enhanced multimedia index boasts larger images and more .jpeg files with access to more international image files. In addition, the company has applied a new proprietary relevance algorithm for delivering even more targeted, relevant results to users’ searches. Advanced filtering now enables the company to deliver higher quality images and screen out ‘noise’ images such as buttons and spacer.

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